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Winter Meter Safety

Natural gas meters and pressure regulators are designed to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions, but snow and ice can build-up and damage them.

During the winter, here are a few ways to help protect gas meter equipment and gas appliances to avoid a potentially hazardous situation or disruption of the gas service:

  • Clean and repair leaky seams in your eave gutters and downspouts to prevent melting snow and ice from dripping onto the gas meter or pressure regulator, which can result in them being encased in ice when the weather turns colder.
  • To ensure their safe operation, never allow snow to cover your natural gas meter or its pressure regulator or block your appliance exhaust vents.
  • Use caution when shoveling snow, plowing, or snow blowing to avoid piling snow against your natural gas meter, pressure regulator, or appliance vents.
  • Clear a path to the meter free from snow and ice for easy access. A blocked meter can hinder access to responders in the event of an emergency.

Remove soft snow build-up gently, using only a broom or your hand, rather than a shovel that could damage the meter. Do not try to break up or remove ice or frozen snow from the natural gas meter, pressure regulator, or piping.

If you find the meter or pressure regulator covered in frozen ice or snow, do not attempt to remove the ice or use deicer. Contact SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company at 1-800-624-2019. A technician will take the appropriate steps to prevent an unsafe situation and rectify the problem.