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Frequently Asked Questions

Gas Leaks

What do I do if I detect a gas leak?

If you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately, then call us at 1-888-427-1427. Do not use any electrical devices, such as light switches, telephones, computers, appliances, or garage door openers. They could generate a spark and ignite the gas. Do not try to locate the source of the gas leak or try to shut off any gas valves or appliances. Once you have exited the building, do not re-enter the building or return to the area until a SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company technician says it's safe to do so.

If you are digging and think you may have damaged a natural gas pipeline, leave the area immediately. If you are using motorized equipment and can turn off the motor safely, do so to prevent the ignition of any leaking gas. Then, abandon the equipment and leave the area. Never restart equipment until the surrounding environment has been checked and declared safe. Click Here for more information.


How do I contact MISS DIG?

If you do any activities that require digging, Michigan law requires you to call MISS DIG. Call 811 at least three working days before your project is to begin. MISS DIG will notify all utilities to mark their lines in the area. This helps avoid possible injuries or damage to natural gas and oil lines, electric, telephone, TV cable, and water or sewer pipes. Both the call and the MISS DIG service are free. Click Here for more information.

Carbon Monoxide

What do I do if my Carbon Monoxide Detector goes off?

Carbon Monoxide is poisonous. Never ignore an alarming CO detector/alarm. If the detector/alarm sounds, operate the reset button and call your emergency services (fire department or 911). Immediately move to fresh air; go outdoors, or by an open door or window. Click Here for more information.