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Payment Arrangement

Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty making a payment by the due date or cannot pay your bill in full, you may be eligible for a payment arrangement. SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company offers two types of payment arrangements, detailed below.

Installment Agreement

If the monthly payment is not made, the agreement will be broken, gas service may be disconnected, and additional installment agreements may not be made for 12 months. Please note that if you are seeking payment assistance from a social service agency, an installment agreement may prevent you from qualifying for emergency assistance.

Payment Extensions

If you need an extra day or two beyond your scheduled shut off date, contact SEMCO to request a payment extension. This type of arrangement can be used to extend your shut off date by up to two days, providing additional time to pay your past due balance and avoid service disconnection. If you are unable to pay the full past due amount, your service may be disconnected any time after the payment extension expires.

To request a payment extension, you may sign into your account through My Access Online or contact Customer Service at 1-800-624-2019. You will need to speak with a Customer Service Representative to request an installment agreement.