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How to read the meter

The dials on the gas meter register the amount of gas used in units of 100 cubic feet. Reading a meter is similar to reading a clock. Here's what to do:

  1. Face the meter and read the dials from left to right. Read the numbers as indicated by the hands on the dials.
  2. If a hand is between two numbers, take the smaller number; except when the hand is between 0 and 9 as in A below, in which case record the number 9.
  3. In the illustration below, dial A reads 9; dial B reads 0; dial C reads 8; and dial D reads 5. Therefore, the correct reading for this meter is 9085. Some meters do not have dials as illustrated. Instead, the meter will look like a mileage indicator on an automobile. In this case, a meter reading would be as indicated.

Note:  Some newer meters have a direct read type index, similar to an odometer on a car.  In this case, the customer would simply read the numbers from left to right.