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Excess Flow Valves (EFV)

An excess flow valve (EFV) may be available for installation on your natural gas service line.   Please note that such a device is not required for the normal, safe operation of your service line, but could help mitigate the consequences of certain service line failures.

Safety Benefits

An EFV is a safety device that is designed to automatically stop the gas flow when a gas service line is broken.  The device is normally installed near the service line's connection to the gas distribution main and protects against the uncontrolled escape of natural gas should the downstream line be broken or severed. It should be noted these devices generally do not protect against slow leaks such as those caused by corrosion, loose fittings, or leaks beyond the gas meter (house piping).

Installation of an EFV

For more information about EFVs, or if you want an EFV installed on your existing residential service line, call our Customer Service department at 800-624-2019.  If your service line meets the requirements for the installation of an EFV, SEMCO will set up a mutually agreeable date with you for installation.   The cost to the customer for installation of an EFV on an existing natural gas service line is approximately $600.