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Budget Program

Enroll in SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company’s budget program to help balance those high, unexpected energy bills. The budget program averages your gas usage over the last year and allows you to pay the same amount each month, and it’s free!

Enrollment Requirements

  • Your account balance must be current
  • Open enrollment period
    • Residential - May, June, and July
    • Commercial - May and June

Program Details

  • Your budget payment is based on the previous 12 months of consumption at your address, along with current gas rates, then adjusted for weather variances.
  • Your monthly bill will show your budget payment amount, along with your actual usage and the current cost of gas. Any other charges billed to your account, such as a HomeServe Plan, must be paid in addition to your budget payment.
  • Your consumption is monitored, and your budget may be adjusted to help ensure that you do not face any unexpectedly high energy bills in the future.
  • You will remain enrolled in the program unless you request to be removed or make a late payment. If you are removed from the program, the entire balance on your account will become due. To re-enroll, you must meet all the enrollment requirements.
  • Reconciliation month: In the 12th month of the budget, the cost of your actual gas usage is compared with the amount you paid. If you paid for more gas than you actually used, the overpayment will appear on your bill as a credit. Any credit balance will be applied to future budget payments or refunded at your request. If you paid for less gas than you actually used, your bill will show a balance due. The entire amount must be paid, in addition to your current charges, for continued participation in the budget program.


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