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Automated Meter Reads

About Automated Meter Readings

SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company is pleased to continue to provide customers with the latest meter reading technology. As part of ongoing efforts to deliver quality service and convenience, SEMCO uses automated meter reading (AMR). AMR is technology that enables gas meters to be read automatically. The technology has been used for over 40 years, and is proven to read meters with accuracy.

How does AMR technology work?

AMR is a device that is installed on existing gas meters. The device reads gas meters digitally and records the readings using a radio transmitter. AMR technology only reads the meter, and it will have no effect on, or control over, your gas appliances or usage.


  • Meter reading accuracy. Electronic meter reads are more accurate and eliminate errors that may occur with manual readings.
  • Privacy. You will no longer have a meter reader coming onto your property every month to read the meter.
  • The most accurate bills. AMR ensures your gas consumption is directly and accurately recorded, ensuring bill accuracy.
  • Virtually eliminates missed meter reads because of bad weather or difficulty accessing the meter. That means dramatically fewer estimated bills.
  • Greater convenience. You’ll no longer have to arrange access to the meter for reading or read the meter and report the readings to SEMCO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AMR control the gas I use or affect my appliances?

No, AMR only reads the meter. Just like manual meter readings, it has no effect on or control over your appliances or gas usage.

If I read the meter, how will I know when I no longer need to do that?

SEMCO customers have the option of reading the meter and providing those reads for billing. However, the use of AMR technology eliminates the need for you to do so.

Is there still a dial on the meter?

Yes, the meter will still have a dial so that if, for any reason, the meter needs to be read manually, it can be done.

Does AMR change how I pay my bills?

No, AMR does not change any of your payment options. It will have no effect on any payment plan, budget program, paperless billing, automatic bank draft, or any other payment programs.

Will you ever need to access the meter after AMR is installed?

Yes, even though SEMCO employees will no longer need access to the meter for meter readings, SEMCO will still need access to the meter for maintenance or safety reasons.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes, AMR only sends information about the meter reading, which is securely and confidentially recorded. It does not transmit any other personal or account information about you. No one will be able to intercept any information about your account from the AMR device.

Does AMR interfere with my TV, radio or other electronic equipment?

No, AMR is safe and does not interfere with electronic devices, such as televisions, radios, phones, internet, garage door openers, or invisible fences. The FCC-compliant AMR devices use standard radio frequencies that, like the common radio, have been shown to be safe.

If you have any additional questions about AMR or the meter, please contact Customer Service, toll free, at 1-800-624-2019.