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Assistance Programs

SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company offers a variety of payment plans and assistance programs to help customers with their gas bills. It’s important to contact SEMCO as soon as you know you cannot pay your entire gas bill because a payment plan may be available, or you may be advised of assistance agencies in your area.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 1-800-624-2019, or call the Department of Health and Human Services Energy Hotline at 1-800-292-5650.



EFFECTIVE DATES: October - September

MAP is an income-based, budget program that provides eligible customers with a reduced budget. Please Click Here to visit the MAP page for more information.


EFFECTIVE DATES: November 1 through March 31

The Winter Protection Program (WPP) may protect low-income and senior customers (65 years or older) from service shut off during the winter (November 1 - March 31). You may qualify for the plan if you have a household income at or below 150% of poverty level (as shown in the income guideline chart) or receive any of the following:

  • MDHHS food or cash assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicaid

Participation in WPP does not relieve the customers of responsibility of paying for natural gas usage, but will prevent heating season shut off if on-time payments are made. Any unpaid balance accrued through the winter months will be reconciled at the end of the protection period and will be split into monthly installments to be paid April - October along with the current bill.

Income Guidelines (2023-2024)

Number of Household Members 150% of Poverty Guidelines Maximum Income
1 $21,870
2 $29,580
3 $37,290
4 $45,000
5 $52,710
6 $60,420
7 $68,130
8 $75,840
Add $7,710 for each additional household member
  • You can apply through SEMCO for WPP and within 14 days provide proof of having applied for state assistance.
  • You may sign up beginning November 1 by paying a minimum of 1/12th of any past-due amount.
  • If you qualify, you will pay 7% per month of your estimated annual heating bill during the WPP period plus a portion of your arrears.


If you or any household member has a qualifying, documented temporary medical emergency, you may be protected from shut off for nonpayment of your bill for up to 21 days. You must provide written proof certified by a physician or from a public health official that service shut off will aggravate an existing medical condition.


If you or a household member require home medical equipment or a life-support system, you may provide a medical certification form from a physician or medical facility identifying the medical equipment or life-support system certifying that an interruption of service would be immediately life-threatening. Renewal is required on an annual basis.

Medical Certification Form


EFFECTIVE DATES: November 1 through March 31

Any customer 65 years or older, regardless of income, who notifies SEMCO of their eligibility, is protected from shut off during the effective dates. At the end of the protection period, the total bill will be due unless arrangements are made to pay the balance in installment payments along with the current bill.


If you are the customer of record or the spouse of the customer of record, and are deployed overseas in response to a declared war or undeclared hostilities, or are deployed within the United States in response to a declared national or state emergency, and the household income is reduced as a result, you may apply for shut off protection. An extension may be requested. Verification of active duty status may be required.

State Programs


CONTACT: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)

You do not have to be a client of MDHHS to apply for help with a past-due bill or a shut off notice through the SER. Contact your MDHHS caseworker for information or call MDHHS customer service at 1-855-275-6424. If you need assistance with completing the SER application, please contact SEMCO's Assistance Department for additional support at 1-800-624-2019, option 3, then option 1 for the Monthly Assistance Program (MAP). Additional information is also available on the MAP page by clicking here.


CONTACT: Michigan Department of Treasury

EFFECTIVE DATES: January 1 through September 30

You can apply for a Home Heating Credit for the current year between January and September 30th. To be eligible, you must meet the income guidelines as shown on the chart below and own or rent your residence (includes apartments and mobile homes). Additional benefits may be available if you are 65 or older, deaf, blind, or have another disability. Home Heating Credit claims must be filed with the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Please contact SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company once you have filed for the Home Heating Credit. Protection is available to allow time for the Energy Draft to be issued. Please keep a copy of your form with the number of exemptions claimed and the amount of the credit. You will be required to pay for the natural gas service used during the shut off protection period.

Home Heating Credit Claim Instruction Booklet

Home Heating Credit Claim Form


CONTACT: Michigan Department of Treasury

For the current tax year, a taxpayer may claim a Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit equal to a percentage of the federal earned income tax credit for which the taxpayer is eligible, if any. See the current Michigan income tax booklet or contact the Michigan Department of Treasury for additional information at

Agency Programs



The Heat And Warmth Fund is a leading provider of utility assistance for Michigan residents in need. THAW collaborates with partners to deliver services that support long-term energy solutions. Recipients of THAW assistance include the elderly, unemployed, underemployed and disabled individuals who found themselves in an energy crisis. More than 70% of the households assisted have a child or senior in the home. These populations are especially vulnerable to the cold. THAW programs are open to eligible Michigan residents. Visit for more information.


CONTACT: Local Community Action Agency

Michigan’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a federally funded residential energy conservation program. WAP provides free home energy conservation services to eligible low-income homeowners and renters. These weatherization services can help you reduce your energy use and lower your utility bills. If you qualify, a trained inspector may assess your home and determine which conservation measures will be the most beneficial for you. Weatherization steps may include adding caulking and weather stripping; wall, basement, and attic insulation and ventilation; and smoke detectors. To be eligible, your household income must be at or below 200% of the federal poverty level or you are eligible if you participate in the Family Independence Program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services or receive Supplemental Security Income. Visit to find the Community Action Agency in your area.