Report Gas Leak: 888-GAS-1-GAS
Customer Service: 800-624-2019
Scammers are using various methods to commit fraud and identity theft. Scam tactics include posing as a SEMCO employee going door-to-door, via phone calls or text, and online by placing ads in search results when you are looking for SEMCO’s website to make a payment or start service. Scammers often threaten disconnection of service unless immediate payment is made.
Make sure you and your loved ones know the key signs of scams and how to keep from being targeted.
• Only pay your bill through one of the approved methods on
• To contact SEMCO, call Customer Service at 1-800-624-2019, do not use an online search.
• If the caller demands immediate payment or that you obtain a prepaid debit card, they are an imposter. Hang up and report the incident to the police or SEMCO.
• Delete suspicious text or email asking for payment.
• Never click on a link, scan a barcode or QR code from a contact or website that is suspicious.
• Shut the door and call the police if someone without identification tries to collect payment or aggressively sells you any products on behalf of SEMCO.
• Don’t trust Caller ID, scammers can manipulate the name to appear to be SEMCO.
Stay informed, stay secure.
SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company reminds customers to call MISS DIG (811) at least 3 days prior to doing any digging or excavation. With more people at home this spring, SEMCO has experienced an increase in line hits caused by people digging before calling MISS DIG. Michigan Law requires that if you plan to dig or excavate you must notify MISS DIG (811) at least 3 days in advance. It’s one phone call, it’s free and it could save your life.