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*Public Service Announcement*


USE CAUTION AS REPORTS come in OF Door-to-Door Solicitors.


PORT HURON, MI, August 2016, – SEMCO customers have made several reports to the Company of unknown door-to-door solicitors, or individuals claiming to be SEMCO employees and asking for copies of the customer’s bill.

    SEMCO does not solicit customers door to door and SEMCO does not ask for customer’s account number or to see copies of bills. Customers are advised to be mindful about sharing personal information, including natural gas account information that they provide to solicitors.

    The Customer Choice Program is approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). This program allows customers to purchase their natural gas from an alternative gas supplier. The state also provides a website that allows customers to compare offers from different suppliers.

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Don’t share your personal information with strangers. You are not obligated to switch to another supplier but if you do SEMCO will continue to deliver the gas, read the meter, send your bill and respond to emergency calls.
  • Review the facts. SEMCO’s rates are regulated with the MPSC and alternative gas supplier’s rates are not regulated. By law, SEMCO cannot profit from the purchase of gas; the actual costs are passed through to the customers with no mark-up.

We recommend that you read over the information the supplier provides carefully and review your last 12 months bills to compare gas rates (supplier energy charge) with what the supplier is offering.

  • If you feel you are being harassed, feel free to contact your local police department and the MPSC at 800-292-9555. To obtain more information about the Customer Choice Program visit and enter gas customer choice in the search engine.

SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company distributes natural gas to nearly 300,000 customers Michigan.

*End Public Service Announcement*


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